1   Admissions Office

Welcome to Riverside College Admissions. We greatly appreciate your interest. Let's start by registering your name and other information needed. A standardized test is required in the enrollment process, after registration, you will be then directed to the Guidance Office for the (RCPT) Riverside College Placement Test.

Enrollment requirements are available on the right side of this page.

2   Finance

Congratulations for passing the Riverside College Placement Test!

You may now visit the Finance Office to check your total assessment. Our enrollment fee is Php 3,200.00. We are offering a 5% discount on tuition fee for those who would avail of the full payment of the total assessment for the whole semester.

3   Clinic

Your health and well being is primarily important to us. A physical exam specifically your X-ray and Laboratory will be necessary to check your health and make sure you don’t have any health problems that you are unaware of.

4   Registrar's Office

Your subjects, classrooms and class schedules are reflected in your Registration Form. You may claim your RF at the Registrars Office after submitting all your credentials at Window 2.

5   Instructional Media Center

The last step in the enrolment procedure is the ID Processing. To facilitate you better, we request that you make your Registration Form and Official Receipt ready when you go to IMC. Also, please wear something with a collar.