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Course Description

A Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Education is an undergraduate academic degree in the field of pharmacy. The degree is the basic prerequisite for registration to practice as a pharmacist in many countries.

Why take this Course and Future with the Course?

Today, medications are becoming more complex as advances are made in protein therapy, genomics and drug delivery systems.  Studying the pharmacy course holds the key to a vast array of career paths.  It can lead to a career in hospital, community pharmacy, the pharmaceutical company to name a few.

Pharmacists work within the healthcare industry.  Filling prescriptions, explaining to patients how to take medicine and advising on adverse effects of medicines are all part of the pharmacist’s job.  Pharmacists also educate patients about the over-the counter medicines and advise them on drug interactions, depending on their medical conditions.  It is important for pharmacists to keep abreast of laws that regulate the sale of drugs.

There are opportunities for pharmacists to work in academia, teaching and researching either in schools of pharmacy or related science departments.  Other possibilities include working for the government of the Food and Drug Administration, in medicines licensing or pharmaceutical services policy.

Pharmacists can also work in the agriculture and veterinary sectors, where the range of work is similar to that for human medicines.

No matter which sector the pharmacist chooses for a career, the skills and scientific knowledge gained in the Pharmacy degree are a foundation for a successful career.  It is hard to imagine what exciting scientific developments the 21st century will bring, and pharmacists must be prepared for a profession that never stands still.

Why Riverside College?

Riverside College promotes the health and welfare of the citizens of Negros  Occidental and the Nation by preparing graduates in pharmacy to take independent professional responsibility for the outcome of drug therapy in patients.  Graduates have scientific and cultural background necessary to assume leadership roles in the profession and the community.
Riverside College’s students are educated to become distinguished contributors to pharmacy and related disciplines. It supports development of quality research programs, which serve to advance the knowledge and skills of pharmacists, other health care professionals and the associated scientific community.

The College also develops and maintains a curriculum of sufficient length and quality to be consistent with the professional concept of pharmaceutical care.  Furthermore, it prepares its graduates by raising awareness of sensitivity to cultural diversity in our population and teaching specific knowledge of the demographics of diseases.

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